2014 The Year that was ….

Yikes its so hard to believe that 2014 is literally over with just a few days remaining.But boy oh boy has it been an interesting year.
When I first read my horoscope in January 2014 especially the one by Mellissa Mallaya Pandaya of the Mystic Sisters duo, I knew this year was going to be great in so many ways.Like with everything sweet comes some bitter so though 2014 had a few bumps the sunshine and rainbows outweighed everything.
My greatest lesson in 2014 was something my dear friend Sue Levy told me during one of those bumpy rides,
“Everything in life is broken down into two things one a lesson and two a blessing.”One hearing this and later fully digesting these words I realised that was how I was going to look upon every situation in my life.Thank Sue for this wisdom which has become my Mantra.
When I compare 2014 to 2013 all round it rather awesome.I have been totally blessed to work with some amazing people and brands via my blog SpiceGoddess.I am in a very good place body,mind and soul and I am surrounding myself with all things positive.
2014 thank you for the amazing memories and adding such exciting chapters in the life of me.I look forward to 2015 and know its going to be rather incredible.
Hope 2014 was kind to you.
Be Inspired !

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