@Madame_Zingara #Review

On Sunday, I ticked off one of my must do/must eat lists.Ever since coming back to South Africa, I have wanted to go to see a magical Madame Zingara show but tickets were always sold out.So when I recieved a media invite I couldnt contain my excitement.After reading so many rave reviews and having the opportunity last year to interview…

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Find your Passion #TuesdayTruth

Passion comes in so many forms just like the word Love.Most associate the word Passion with sex.After seeing this quote, I was reminded about how excited I get when speaking about my passion.When one is excited about somethimg they are passionate about they have that look of love on their face the fire burning within their soul.Like a new love…

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Ola March 2015

    Omgosh the months of 2015 are literally flying by.These days I seem to not have enough hours in my day to complete everything I need to do.Though I am not moaning 2015 has been rather amazing to me.The month of Love was filled with all sorts of interesting as I am now kinda getting used to the crazy…

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