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Durban are you #ReadyToInspire ?

Just the other day,I pulled out old photo albums filled with memories of days gone by. It was almost magical picking up a photo and running my fingers over the gloss or matte finishes. My mum has a ton of these memory keepers aka photo albums some stained by age. As I paged through these I wished that I could…

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Kate Moss Dares to go BARE

British supermodel, Kate Moss recently launched with Rimmel London the most gorgeous range of Nude lipsticks and nail polishes. Kate Moss is well know for her striking features and barely there makeup. This new range helps us to pull of the Kate Moss barely there nude makeup look. By now you all know about my crazy love affair with London…

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Breaking free from Blogger's Block

Yes, it is true we all suffer from the dreaded BB aka Bloggers Block. From time to time it rears its ugly head leaving us feeling exhausted , fustrated and like death.BUT there are a few simple ways to prevent getting Bloggers Block. What is BB you may ask ? Well it is a condition where a blogger/writer is unable…

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Tips to fill your empty cup #TuesdayTruth

Life as we know it,keeps us busy 247. Each day that passes I feel I have even less time and so much to do. I often become anxious and crabby as I dont get enough sleep and this leaves me running to get a coffee first thing. Health wise I am not supposed to even be drinking coffee. So why…

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Finally the Truth about Chickpeas

Chickpeas are from the legume family. They are extremely popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cookery. Chickpeas come in a variety of types and sizes. It was about ten years ago during my living in London days that I feel in love with this legume.   These nutritious legumes are made into hummus ,falafels,curries ,snacks and salads. In the Hindu…

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Pampering the African way

As a Brand Ambassador for Mangwanani African Spa,I was given two vouchers two weeks ago. The vouchers were for a full body exfoliation and a full body massage. Perfect timing as last week, I was off work for a week. I decided to spoil mum and off we went to have some pampering the African way. I had picked the…

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It is Ohsocharming #LocalisLekker

Like several of the people I meet or interview, I have met via Social Media. Tracey Preston is no exception.This incredible mum and creative I met via a Facebook group and although we have never met we have just clicked and that was clearly evident during our phone chat.Tracey has so many talents and skills that I am in awe…

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The rituals of Manicures

Two weeks ago randomly ,I decided to walk into Sorbet and get a manicure done. I have not had a manicure in probably 2 years as I used to have gel nails and would go every 2 weeks for maintenance. This left my nails rather damaged so I stopped. As a blogger I often get sent nail polish to review…

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A Guide to keep you sane

As of Monday,I have been off work ,well my day job for a week.Lots of people say lucky fish ! But as an educator a time out is much needed.From lecturing to marking and meetings the last term has been very busy.So as we head into the last stretch of the academic year 2015 a week off needed to recharge.This…

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Inspiration #TuesdayTruth

Roughly about two years ago,I decided I needed a motto to fit in with my blog.It needed to be something catching and inspiring.It was at this point my #Live2Inspire was born.I live and breathe my motto everyday or atlwasr I try to.And I even got it inked onto my hand last December.Now it is a permanent feature for life. In…

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