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Escape down to the South Coast

Travelling locally is one of the things in 2016, I did a lot more. So when it came to planning our annual Christmas Outing with the Girls it was no surprise the task was left to me. I started researching the South Coast of Durban , as there were a few places I personally wanted to visit.
Explore the South Coast
Like any road trip planning is essential Girls on a Road Trip read here more on what you need to do in preparation. The most important thing when going on a road trip is to LEAVE EARLY !
The South Coast of KwaZulu Natal is a very popular holiday destination for local tourists. With 200km of coastline it is no wonder that this coast is so busy every summer. But there is so much more to see and do than just visit the beach.
South Coast Roadtrip

South Coast Facts :

  1. Home to 6 Blue Flag beaches – A Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches , boats and marinas that meet excellence in the areas of safety , amenities , cleanliness and environmental standards.
  2. Also known as the Golf Coast with nine golf courses.
  3. Shark Cage Diving is a popular activity down the coast.
  4. The Sardine Run every June / July brings a festive atmosphere to the coast. “The Greatest Shoal on Earth” is where thousands of dolphins, sharks , fur seals and game fish can be seen herding and feeding from a million strong sardine shoal.
  5. World Class dive sites for scuba enthusiasts can be found here at Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks.

The South Coast includes the following areas :

Harding, Hibberdene, Margate, Ramsgate, Shelly Beach , Uvongo , St. Michaels , Port Edward , South Broom, Port Shepstone , Scottburgh , Pennington, Umzinto, Bazley , Park Rynie, Kelso , Ifafa and Umkomaas.

We had a rough idea of what we wanted to do/see/eat on our trip.


  1. Breakfast in Scottburgh , we used Zomato and EatOut to give us some ideas.
  2. Waffle House – this was something we have been wanting to do forever.
  3. Beaver Creek Coffee Plantation – the last time we headed down the coast we passed it and made a note to come back.

Pretty much our plan was flexible and we just wanted to drive and enjoy the coast and literally see where the road would take us. Lush green vegetation covered either side of the road with the occasional villages in between. The locals can be found on the side of the road selling fresh produce.
South Coast Curios
Waffle House was amazing and it landed a spot here on The Best Places To Eat At This Summer in Durban . Be prepared to wait for a table as it is rather busy , there is a curio store selling local made products for you to browse while you wait.
Waffle House/ SpiceGoddess
Tummys full we decided to see where to head to next and instantly we all agreed on Beaver Creek Coffee Estate. Not knowing exactly how much further it was we asked one of the managers. This was the best thing we could have done asking a local. He guided us with simple directions ,gave us some guidebooks on the area and even suggested we stop off at Mac Banana.
South Coast / Beaver Creek Coffee
And so we headed off on our Coffee adventure with a very green and Instagram worthy drive to the estate. The beautiful aromas of the different blends wafted through the shop. We opted for a coffee tasting where for R20 per person (Roughly £1) we were able to try out 5 different types of coffees unlimited as well as 2 different coffe liqueurs.My favourite was the Transkei Gold.We had missed the daily tour but after our day of adventuring the coffee shop was perfect.
Beaver Creek Coffee /South Coast
The last stop for the day was Mac Banana and we were rather sad that we had only 45 minutes there as the were closing. Mac Banana is can almost be called an Entertainment world. With shops selling sweets and candy from around the world ,to a butterfly dome , a miniature golf course , an animal farm and Quad Biking there is something for everyone here at Mac Banana. We had a quick look around bought some delicious biltong and headed to the car as we made our way home to Durban.
Mac Banana Garden/ South Coast
Our day down the South Coast was filled with so much and yet there was still so much we had not done or seen. The girls all decided on our way home that the best way to Explore the South Coast would be by staying the weekend.
Mac Banana / South Coast
For extra travel inspiration and where to stay, remember to check AccommoDirect for accommodation in Durban.
Have you ever gone on Road Trip and wished you had stayed a night ?
Be Inspired !
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Ps…. This is a sponsored post however the Road Trip is my own.

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26 thoughts on “Escape down to the South Coast

  1. Oh my gosh, I love road trips! A road trip down the Golden Coast sounds like my idea of heaven. And an instagram worthy coffee shop? Well, now you are just making me so jealous! Sounds like you had an amazing trip!

  2. Love those trips where you just get into the car and see where the road takes you 🙂 It makes for the best experiences, discoveries, hidden gems I find. Things you wouldn’t find in any guide but are far more special, in a personal way. The coffee plantation sounds like something I’d love to visit!

  3. You had me at coffee adventure! Love coffee and it always tastes better when you know its provenance. I did laugh a bit about some of the place names. Just like my home country Australia it seems the British colonials could not be bothered making up new names – Margate and Ramsgate for example. Sounds like a fantastic roadtrip

  4. A road trip with the girls sounds like such a perfect idea for Christmas. I can imagine all the giggling and chatter along the way. Topped up with great scenic beauty and fun food…what can be better?

  5. I love a good road trip! Great post! My girl friends are not feeling one for this winter (we are in the middle of a snowstorm!!) so I’m hoping we get a fun road trip in next season.

  6. We love to take road trips whenever possible. Although I have not been to this part of the world, I guess this would be a very wonderful trip to take. And thanks for all the information you shared here..its very crisp and contains all the details required for planning the trip

  7. A road trip in South Africa? Don’t mind if I do! I’d love to do that coffee and coffee liquor tasting, is it really so cheap? Anyway, thanks for giving more ideas for what to do in this fascinating country of yours, I can’t wait to visit!

  8. Road trips are great and especially when you can be flexible. I didn’t make it as far as Durban but next time I am back there I will be sure to check this route out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Road trips are always so fun! You’re making me wish I was back home so I could grab my car and take a road trip myself. The coffee tasting sounds like it would be so good. I just love coffee, so to try so many different varieties for so cheap – that’s heaven!

  10. This is fun! I wish to have a roadtrip again with my girls and just do it spontaneously coz we enjoyed that a lot. Great story, and I like all the places you’ve been 🙂

  11. I love coffee so I would absolutely love to visit a coffee plantation and find out more about the process that a bean goes from the tree all the way to our cups. The coffee tasting sounds amazing too, especially when it’s done with a specialist that tells you ho to do it right.

  12. I want to try Shark Cage diving 😀 It does sound fascinating. 🙂 And then, the thrill needs to end with a nice waffle. Thanks for those ideas. Whenever I plan, I will plan it such.

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