Top blog posts of 2018

One of the things I promised my self at the start of 2018 was to spend more time on my blog creating content.The initial idea was to create four posts a month and include in each post a Pinterest Image made on Canva.Did I achieve this goal? YES I totally did and some weeks I was more creative and blog twice even thrice depending on work and collaborations.

Then in June/July was an awful few weeks for the blog as my blog was hacked.A virus was inserted into my theme.This meant images got corrupted and needed to be redone.But most importantly it meant losing out on paid work and visitors to the site.But to my rescue a web genius/fairy Sim from Niyash solved my dramas She was able to save all my content and some images and to secure my site.I am ever so grateful to her.Sim also designed my site and gave it a fresh look so if you looking for any web design or assistant do contact her and mention that the SpiceGoddess sent you.

Every year I love looking at the data on the blog to find out which are the most popular posts for that specific year.Often I am surprised as some of my older posts still rank in the Top 10 most read blog posts.

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Top 10 Blog posts of 2018

1.For some reason even though I wrote this post in 2015,it is still the most read on my blog.For that reason I have updated the post.The post in top position is my post on my Brother’s Nelengu wedding rituals in Mauritius.

Indian Wedding Rituals – Nelengu in Mauritius


2.This April I celebrated a milestone birthday.I turned the big 40.I somehow thought I would wake up and suddenly feel different on rather transformed.Instead I woke up and learned some rather vital Life Lessons on turning 40.

40 Life Lessons at 40


3.As much as I love travelling abroad I love exploring my city.And to my amazement I found myself in what can only be described as an adventure in the heart of Africa.Tala Game reserve and hour out of Durban is the perfect spot for a picnic and a Game Drive.

Game Drives and Picnics at Tala Game Reserve


4.South Africa is an amazing country and it is no wonder a South African food post features here.Advance warning this post will make you hungry.

A guide to MUST EAT South African food


5.2018 I was rather fortunate as to visit Mauritius for the second time.This time I was here for the 50th Independence Day celebrations.I also got to see and do more of the island and then realised why Mauritius is more than just a beach holiday.

Mauritius is more than just a beach holiday !


6.MSC cruises are a popular holiday for many South Africans.This year I got to go cruising with Mum which was a unusal and learning experience of what it is like to travel with a parent.

Cruising on the MSC with a parent


7.My 50 reasons to visit South Africa still ranks in the Top 10 and I hope this post stays here forever.It was one of my longest posts ever about my beautiful country.

50 Reasons to visit South Africa atleast ONCE


8.As an Indian of Hindu descent ,the prayer of Purtassi is very important to me.And it is something that has been passed down from my gran and parents.

Purtassi – A hindu fast


9.I got to tick off a Bucket list wish this year.And while doing this I conquered a few fears.My hot air balloon experience in Cappadocia was beyond amazing.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Experience

10.Dubai has never been a place I visited only a transit point.But last year I got to visit and loved how much there is to do.I am defo going back.There is something to suit all budgets in Dubai.

A Dubai guide for all budgets

Have you read any of these posts ? Which are your favourites from this Top blog posts of 2018 ?

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