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A Guide to keep you sane

As of Monday,I have been off work ,well my day job for a week.Lots of people say lucky fish ! But as an educator a time out is much needed.From lecturing to marking and meetings the last term has been very busy.So as we head into the last stretch of the academic year 2015 a week off needed to recharge.This…

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The Art of Making Salad your Friend

I work in an environment that is rather difficult to get something to eat for lunch.The only things I can buy are chips fried or packets of chips.No healthy and nutritious options.I have learnt in my healthy lifestyle journey to always take a packed lunch with me and always pack more than I need just incase. Over the last few…

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The little Guide to Blogging

Over the last few months I have been approached by a few people about Blogging.I am by no means an expert as I am constantly learning everyday.So today I decided to share a few tips with you about the world of Blogging and some of what I have learnt. 1)Before you decide to start blogging,read several different types of blogs…

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