• Life Lately 17.1Life Lately Edition 17.1
    My Life Lately has been all over the place with so much happening. Some days I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha. So I decided to give you guys a glimpse into my Life Lately edition17.1. My real job is that I am a Lecturer at a local College. For the last few years , I have been working the evening shift meaning I start at midday day and finish at eight at night. The area that the college is situated at is not too kosher at night as it is in a semi industrial area. Anyways after years of this routine everything has changed and now I work normal hours, starting at half seven finishing at three in the afternoon. Now this defo has some perks : Getting home while it is bright. Seeing my friends at work. Spending time in the evening with my family. I can now even attend some evening events. And on  the workfront I am extending my learning and experiences. So it has taken a few weeks […]
  • The Holiday Express /DurbanChasing Trains in Durban on The Holiday Express
    Train rides are so much fun as you sit back and watch the world around whizz past. A few weeks ago I received an invite to explore the Shongweni Craft Market and Scottburgh on The Holiday Express Train. Having seen these trips advertised I was rather excited to head off to Explore Durban and KZN. Mum and I headed off early on Saturday morning to Durban Bus Station. Following the directions online it was easy to find the Business Premier Lounge.There is a secure boom gated parking with car guards as well so no need to worry about your car while you are away.   As we entered the lounge a gorgeous “Love ” lit up sign caught my attention but I was then caught up meeting  the fun team the work on The Holiday Express. After a quick registration Mum and I headed off to have our pics taken at the Insta Photo Booth which is always fun. After having our photos taken we headed […]
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  • 48 hours in Dubai48 hours of fun in Dubai
    Last month I headed off to Dubai with Dubai Tourism for literally 48 hours in the city. Having only been in transit I was rather keen to explore the city. But what awaited me was nothing I had imagined and associated with Dubai. After delayed flight to Dubai , I arrived at 6am and after getting through passport control I was met by a representative from Dubai Tourism. I was taken to my hotel which was not too far away from the Airport.Though it was winter in Dubai , I did not feel cold.   Checking into Rove Hotel was fairly simple and easy.There will be a separate  review post up on the blog about my stay here. Quickly recalling my itinerary I knew that at 10am was when my day with start. With roughly an hour and a half I knew I only had time to shower,have breakfast and meet the rest of the media group. In my room there was a welcome gift bag of goodies from Dubai Tourism which […]
  • Bizoe Wine / SpiceGoddessA sip of Bizoe Wine
    I am a sucker for wanting to know the story behind a place or a product. And once learning more I am instantly drawn to it especially if it is something relatively unknown. Just before the festive season I was sent 2 bottles of wine from the very the very limited edition Bizoe range of wines. Knowing that these beauties were so rare made me want to find out why and more about the range. What does Bizoe mean ? Instantly the name suggests some link to Europe and I was not too surprised to find the origins come from France. The Franschoek Wine region has a rich history of French influence and thus makes the meaning of Bizoe even more special. Simply put Bizoe is derived from the word Bisous meaning “little kiss”. Bizoe Range : There are currently only two wines in the Bizoe Range with a third one launching this year. Created by vinteur Rikus Neethling the naming of the range is […]
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  • The Big Easy Durban 1Eat Big at The Big Easy Durban
    The Big Easy is situated at The Hilton Hotel in Durban. Having eaten here twice  I can truly say the food , service and staff are amazing. Two Saturdays ago Mum and I headed off for lunch to The Big Easy. It was a cool day and Durban almost fooled us it was winter. We were warmly welcomed into the eatery which this time around we had entered through the hotel main entrance while the last time we entered via the ICC. Our friendly waiter Vuyo showed us to our table.   The restaurant for midday was busy as there was a Baby Shower in the outside eating area. Private functions can be hosted here with a selection of menus to suit your taste buds and your pocket. The ambiance is rather “easy” going and casual which makes it a perfect spot for a catch up with friends. The Story of The Big Easy Having travelled the world, I have developed a good feeling for what I look for in a […]
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  • Dubai Calling /SpicegoddessWhere to next ? ….Dubai Calling …..
    Later today , I will be heading off to Dubai for 3 days with Dubai Tourism. I am so excited even though my trip is rather short as I always am in transit and have never visited this buzzing city before. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Once a desert , it one of the fastest developing places on Earth. Everything in Dubai is bigger and better. Dubai is home to  people from all over the world and with them they have brought their cuisines making this city a foodie heaven. Although English is widely spoken , Arabic is the official language of the UAE. With sunshine all year round , it is no surprise that this destination is popular.   Dubai Facts: 1. With 164 floors the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. 2. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the world with over 1,200 stores. Including many major brands such as […]
  • Own 2017 like a #GirlBossLet’s own 2017 like a #GirlBoss
    The official start of 2017 has begun for me as I am back to work. And yes I am still getting used to writing 2017 instead of 2016 and no I have not made any mistakes (yet). For 2017 I have decided to use ,live,breathe and become a #GirlBoss. First things first … Happy 2017 ! May the year ahead be filled with loads of amazing experiences , laughter and memories. I wish you enough of everything and may you become a #GirlBoss. Thinking back to 2016 it was a good year but there was several lessons along the way which have been invaluable in preparing me for 2017. Last year I wrote about 2016 as a year for #SelfCare. I tried for most for the year to fulfill my goals and to look after myself. In the process life threw me all sorts like a box of chocolates BUT I survived. So for this year, my theme is to own it like a #GirlBoss. What is a #GirlBoss ? In my own words …. A #GirlBoss […]
  • 5 years / SpiceGoddess5 years feels like yesterday ….
    For the last two weeks, I have been kind of missing online including my Social Media platforms. Today I will explain why : I have been diagnosed with Tension Headaches. So I am currently on strong medication and having bed rest. The headaches come and go and I kind of feel helpless. But guess it is also my body telling me to slow down. My Dad …. 5 years ago my Dad passed away on New Year’s morning. So this time of year is very difficult for my family and I.It is a time I retreat away and try to deal with my feelings. A heart that is loved , is never forgotten…. Dearest Dad… It is hard to believe that you have not been around for the last 5 years. So much has happened , so much has changed BUT one thing remains the same and that is you are always missed. In our family we have now 2 furkids Zara and Chai. They are both so naughty but so adorable. Can you believe it […]
  • 2016 The year that was2016 The year that was….
    In just a few days 2016 will be over and we will be welcoming 2017. Boy oh boy ! Time literally flew by this year. But then again the famous line ” Time flies when you are having fun.” is very true. Last year I wrote a round-up post 15 of 2015 which I loved sharing my highlights of the year. But this year I am inspired by Nafisa from http://www.nafisa.co.za/ so I will be using her list of prompts to give you a snap shot of my year. Every year brings with it a mix bag of chocolates some delicious ,some yucky and some that are ok. 2016 was exactly that a year of mixed chocolates but there seemed to be more delicious than yucky. From staying in amazing hotels , to eating delicious food and meeting some beautiful souls 2016 was defo more delicious. 1.What did you do in 2016 that you never did before ? Travelled with strangers to a different country on a 15 day roadtrip.I flew in […]
  • Explore the South CoastEscape down to the South Coast
    Travelling locally is one of the things in 2016, I did a lot more. So when it came to planning our annual Christmas Outing with the Girls it was no surprise the task was left to me. I started researching the South Coast of Durban , as there were a few places I personally wanted to visit. Like any road trip planning is essential Girls on a Road Trip read here more on what you need to do in preparation. The most important thing when going on a road trip is to LEAVE EARLY ! The South Coast of KwaZulu Natal is a very popular holiday destination for local tourists. With 200km of coastline it is no wonder that this coast is so busy every summer. But there is so much more to see and do than just visit the beach. South Coast Facts : Home to 6 Blue Flag beaches – A Blue Flag is an international award given to beaches , boats and marinas that meet excellence in the areas of safety , […]
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