• Spice up your life with Faithful to Nature #Win
    They say “Spice is the variety of life” and it is no wonder why so many explorers fell in love with the spices they found on their voyages of discovery. Coming from an Indian home with an interest in culinary journeys it is no surprise that the SpiceGoddess is obsessed with spices from around the globe. And every trip I take I bring back spices. During my trip to Kerala I discovered a new-found love and appreciation of spices http://spicegoddess.co.za/secrets-of-the-spices-of-kerala/ I can spend hours in a Spice shop browsing the products in the aisles as I am an adventurous cook and eater.One of my happy places in Durban is Spice Emporium which is a beautiful spice store which specialize in Indian spices and ingredients  with a has a quaint Bombay Street Food Cafe http://spicegoddess.co.za/hidden-gem-of-durban/   And then I discovered another great online gem […]
  • Life Lately of the Spice Goddess 17.2
    I feel like I have literally blinked my eyes and we are already at the half way mark of 2017. The months are flying by so much as happened and is still happening that I feel a Life Lately 17.2 update is needed.So here is what happened for the first part of 2017 ,http://spicegoddess.co.za/life-lately-edition-17-1/ April ,my birthday month was rather busy and eventful.We had family over from Mauritius which was great but oh so busy. But it meant I got to be a local tourist and that is one of my favourite things to do http://spicegoddess.co.za/be-a-tourist-in-your-city/. And in the middle of all that it was my Birthday and I ended up hosting a dinner at home for my friends and I was surprised by the most beautiful Travel Inspired cake by Akshi from Kreamy Kreations. Mum and I also headed off to Tala Game Reserve for what felt like an Out of Africa day.Read here to find out […]
  • Tora Grace are beautiful reminders #WIN
    As I get older , I become rather sentimental and love gifts with a meaning. I love quotes as the are a reminder to us to be positive,that we are loved and to dream big. Local South African brand, Tora Grace have done just that and combined these things I love and created a stunning range of bangles. For my birthday ,I was sent the beautiful Samsara Wanderlust stack of bracelets for my birthday from the lovely folk at Tora Grace. All the ranges are beautiful and yes it makes it very hard to pick just one. But I was captivated once I read up about the Samsara Range. Samsara is a sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. We took inspiration from this and have incorporated it with our love for travel and the wandering world. Each quote is individually chosen and designed with special fonts to celebrate your journey and add a pretty […]
  • Mini Me Memorables a great gift idea !
    Ever since watching Austin Powers , I loved the idea of having a “Mini Me ”  The idea having a smaller version of yourself is pretty cool I think. BUT in reality my lil cousin is a mini version of me. So when the folk at Mini Memorables got in touch with me I felt like a kid again all excited about building, making and owning LEGO. Mini Me memorable is a South African company and all LEGO components are real. Fast forward a few years ago , while living in London I took my then lil cousin to LEGOLAND. Ok ok maybe I convinced her that it would be great for her birthday. Such a fun-filled day we had creating memories and LEGO. I was blown away by just how everything was made with LEGO. The LEGO Mini world was stunning with mini LEGO models of tourist attractions around the world. So finding out I could create my own LEGO mini me was amazing. I headed off […]
  • Why I swapped my handbag for a Cabin Zero backpack?
    I always carry a handbag and a big one at that when I travel.I have actually named one of my handbags as my “Travel Handbag” as it is genuine leather ,soft and big enough for all my things.The only problem I have realised a few months ago ,is that it is hard to keep a bag on your shoulder while hiking and taking pictures. And the Cabin Zero entered my life. Now for a funny story, during #KeralaBlogExpress naive me took a handbag with me.I did not realise how this would actually end up being a nuinsance.I kept forgetting my bag all over the place but luckily for me my friend Anita Hendrika from New Zealand become “My Bag’s Keeper” and kept reminding me about taking my bag and if I had my bag on me.It became a standing joke but also reminded me I should look for an alternative for my handbag. There is a common thought pattern that says “Ladies keep […]
  • Mother’s Day #GiveTheGlow
    Life is way too short to appreciate your Mother only on Mother’s Day, this should be done all year round. In general, make her feel loved and cherished all the time with even the smallest gestures. Since moving back home after missing several Mother’s Days I love being around my mum and gran. They are both my pillars of strength, my sounding boards and they put up with my craziness. During the years I lived abroad, I was fortunate to have crossed paths with some pretty amazing women – Renske, Justyna, Lara, Sahera and Viviene. These phenomenal women nurtured me, took me into their homes and provided me with so much love. Ladies, I appreciate you all and love you for all that you have blessed me with and continue to do over the miles. Lara once told me about an Old African Proverb. “It takes a village to raise a child.” This makes so much sense, we all play a role in raising a […]
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  • Game Drives and Picnics at Tala Game Reserve
    An hour out of Durban, you will find Tala Game Reserve. A wildlife sanctuary set in 3000 hectares of land which is home to 380 bird species, 20 species of antelope , hippos , giraffes , zebras, wildebeest, rhino and buck. Mum and I headed off on our lil African adventure to Tala Game Reserve during the week. The reason we were there was to sample the new picnic basket and go on a game drive. I felt like a lil kid that morning going on a school trip as I got ready for our adventure. I am a big supporter of travelling locally and discovering the area we live in , so when I was invited to Tala Game Reserve having not visited there before I was rather excited to say the least. On entering , the reserve we were welcomed by the Zebras who posed while I took their photos. * NOTE you are not allowed to get out of your vehicle. Every side I turned I could see Mother Nature’s babies waking […]
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  • A quirky stay at Rove Hotel in Dubai
    As one walks into Rove Hotel , instantly one senses just how quirky,funky and interesting your stay is going to be. During my recent trip to Dubai , I stayed at Rove Hotel situated in old Dubai. Rove Hotels are for the modern, attentive ,value conscious and socially networked generation as well as families who cherish reliable ,modern,and fuss free experiences. Situated in the heart of Deira City Centre and a mere ten minutes away from the airport makes Rove City Centre Hotel a great option. On arrival into Dubai Airport , I assumed a long drive into the city centre awaited me but I was rather surprised to find myself within ten minutes checking into my hotel. The hotel is relatively new and opened in 2016. When one thinks Dubai , one thinks grandeur and palace like hotels but this is not the case with Rove Hotels and they offer you a different experience. Checking in was a fairly […]
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  • Life Lately Edition 17.1
    My Life Lately has been all over the place with so much happening. Some days I don’t know if I am Arthur or Martha. So I decided to give you guys a glimpse into my Life Lately edition17.1. My real job is that I am a Lecturer at a local College. For the last few years , I have been working the evening shift meaning I start at midday day and finish at eight at night. The area that the college is situated at is not too kosher at night as it is in a semi industrial area. Anyways after years of this routine everything has changed and now I work normal hours, starting at half seven finishing at three in the afternoon. Now this defo has some perks : Getting home while it is bright. Seeing my friends at work. Spending time in the evening with my family. I can now even attend some evening events. And on  the workfront I am extending my learning and experiences. So it has taken a few weeks […]
  • Chasing Trains in Durban on The Holiday Express
    Train rides are so much fun as you sit back and watch the world around whizz past. A few weeks ago I received an invite to explore the Shongweni Craft Market and Scottburgh on The Holiday Express Train. Having seen these trips advertised I was rather excited to head off to Explore Durban and KZN. Mum and I headed off early on Saturday morning to Durban Bus Station. Following the directions online it was easy to find the Business Premier Lounge.There is a secure boom gated parking with car guards as well so no need to worry about your car while you are away.   As we entered the lounge a gorgeous “Love ” lit up sign caught my attention but I was then caught up meeting  the fun team the work on The Holiday Express. After a quick registration Mum and I headed off to have our pics taken at the Insta Photo Booth which is always fun. After having our photos taken we headed […]
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