• Aubergine Parmigiana a great vegetarian meal
    Aubergine, Eggplant or Brinjal is an edible fruit used in various dishes around the world. With its deep purple colour it is indeed a thing of beauty but does come in white and shades of pink. As a child I hated this vegetable and would literally pull faces when Mum cooked this vegetable. My lil well when she was three had a total block against eating Aubergines and her theory was that they would break your bones but in actual fact it is the opposite.I know have a love affair with aubergines especially since I tasted an Aubergine Parmigiana.To me this such comfort food and reminds me of lasagna basically the healthy option with no carbs.A few weeks ago Mum and I headed out for lunch at found ourselves at Remo’s Italian , as Mum is a vegetarian there is often not much on the menu for her. On seeing that there was Aubergine Parmigiana on the menu Mum was very happy. This lunch was […]
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  • Find your chi at Brahman Hills
    The name Brahman Hills to every Hindu evokes images of a spiritual retreat and home to the sacred Brahman cows which are worshipped.Brahman Hills proved to be a retreat one that would help me find my chi and so much more. Situated on the famous Nottingham Road which is home to the Midlands Meander.When I told friends I was off for the weekend to the meander instantly they all asked if I was off to play with the cows.Technically yes and no. For the weekend, I was joining six phenomenal women on this media trip.Having met only one of them before and communicated with the others online I was a tad bit nervous. But within 30 seconds of meeting everyone I felt at ease and like I was hanging out with friends. Our itinerary for the weekend was  filled with lots to see , do and eat. Included were tips on packing warm clothing , costumes and shoes for a hike such a mix bag and I was a bit […]
  • Learn some Arabic before you go to Dubai
    My love affair with the Arabic language started roughly in 2002 while I was living in London.Prior to this Arabic was not something that interested me and not a language I wanted to learn how to speak. Living and working in London’s East End, I was surrounded by Arabs from all corners of the world including their food stores and coffee shops.And what helped fuelled my love of Arabic was my group of friends who kept me supplied with Arabic music and all outing ended up with us eating Arab food and smoking some Sheesha.   I was falling in love with the Arab culture and I loved it.My friends also had Arab friends who we socialised with and I loved listening to them speak.To me the sounds of the language though coarse sounded romantic to me.I visited several exhibitions on Arabic Art and Calligraphy.Most weekends I would find myself down Edgeware Road ,just off Oxford Street […]
  • Let’s GO EAT at The Midlands Kitchen
    There are numerous things that make up a great roadtrip.And yes I do love taking roadtrips,check out http://spicegoddess.co.za/girls-road-trip/  One of the best things is finding something delicious while you stop to fill up your tank.The Midlands Kitchen has taken the whole concept of road food to another level and literally takes one on a culinary journey with something to suit all tastes. As a kid growing up in the 80’s the best part of a roadtrip was the Padkos aka road food that Mum would pack. At this time there was not much on the road besides a garage and picnic spots with a shop selling hot or cold drinks.Mum would made a feast and her picnic basket was like a Pandora’s box of foodie heaven. Situated on the N3 Exit , The Midlands Kitchen is a welcome break for every roadtrip.One is truly spoilt for choice at the Midlands Kitchen and every menu sounds amazing, yes I […]
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  • A Taste Journey at Vasco’s
    Portuguese explorer , Vasco da Gama was well-known for his voyages of discovery and more especially his discovery of the sea route to India.This voyage changed the face of culinary trends worldwide and still does today. KwaZulu Natal was discovered on Christmas day hence the Portuguese name Natal. So it is no wonder that the new Vasco’s situated in the Hilton Hotel Durban is inspired by this great explorer Vasco da Gama who brought spices to the world. Spice colours of red and yellow fused with the earthy African colours and this is the warmness that one feels on entering Vasco’s and not forgetting the friendly faces.There are two sitting areas which give patrons the option of dining inside or outside.Vasco’s seats 160 people per meal.The resturant is open for three meals a days and includes two themed buffet nights which are the Friday “Off the hook” which […]
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  • Vidya Vox all set for South Africa
    Singing sensation aka the Queen of Mashups Vidya Vox is heading to South Africa this September. I first heard and came across Vidya Vox after my trip to Kerala. Her song caught my attention because of not only her stunning voice but the background of the beautiful Kerala Backwaters.https://youtu.be/5nyFfZnsyNY . I started searching Vidya Vox online and started discovering more of her music and loved her style and vibe. So when her concert was announced in South Africa I was over the moon to say the least and started educating everyone about Vidya Vox. Not much is know about this songtress so I decided to put together some background info on Vidya Vox. So who is Vidya Vox ? Born in Chennai , Vidya Iyer was raised in America. Vidya started learning Indian Classical music at a very young age. Like most of us with an Indian Heritage living in various corners of the world, Vidya found she […]
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  • A box of treats so Don’t Disturb me
    We all love receiving gifts but finding the perfect gift can be difficult. I personally love giving and getting gifts.It takes me sometime to put a gift together.My idea of gifting is generally a  gift box of goodies with a main gift. I love a good bargain so that means I have a cupboard filled with bits and pieces to add to my gifting boxes. But sometimes the cupboard is bare and with time and distance constraints I can not find a suitable gift. Now this is no longer a problem as a local South African based company has come up with a variety of gift box options and wait for it… they are delivered to your doorstep or to the person you are gifting it to. Don’t Disturb is the genius company  behind this gifting solution http://dontdisturb.co.za/ . There are currently 18 different boxes on offer and even include special Date Night Boxes. I was sent a gorgeous box called […]
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  • Spice up your life with Faithful to Nature #Win
    They say “Spice is the variety of life” and it is no wonder why so many explorers fell in love with the spices they found on their voyages of discovery. Coming from an Indian home with an interest in culinary journeys it is no surprise that the SpiceGoddess is obsessed with spices from around the globe. And every trip I take I bring back spices. During my trip to Kerala I discovered a new-found love and appreciation of spices http://spicegoddess.co.za/secrets-of-the-spices-of-kerala/ I can spend hours in a Spice shop browsing the products in the aisles as I am an adventurous cook and eater.One of my happy places in Durban is Spice Emporium which is a beautiful spice store which specialize in Indian spices and ingredients  with a has a quaint Bombay Street Food Cafe http://spicegoddess.co.za/hidden-gem-of-durban/   And then I discovered another great online gem […]
  • Life Lately of the Spice Goddess 17.2
    I feel like I have literally blinked my eyes and we are already at the half way mark of 2017. The months are flying by so much as happened and is still happening that I feel a Life Lately 17.2 update is needed.So here is what happened for the first part of 2017 ,http://spicegoddess.co.za/life-lately-edition-17-1/ April ,my birthday month was rather busy and eventful.We had family over from Mauritius which was great but oh so busy. But it meant I got to be a local tourist and that is one of my favourite things to do http://spicegoddess.co.za/be-a-tourist-in-your-city/. And in the middle of all that it was my Birthday and I ended up hosting a dinner at home for my friends and I was surprised by the most beautiful Travel Inspired cake by Akshi from Kreamy Kreations. Mum and I also headed off to Tala Game Reserve for what felt like an Out of Africa day.Read here to find out […]
  • Tora Grace are beautiful reminders #WIN
    As I get older , I become rather sentimental and love gifts with a meaning. I love quotes as the are a reminder to us to be positive,that we are loved and to dream big. Local South African brand, Tora Grace have done just that and combined these things I love and created a stunning range of bangles. For my birthday ,I was sent the beautiful Samsara Wanderlust stack of bracelets for my birthday from the lovely folk at Tora Grace. All the ranges are beautiful and yes it makes it very hard to pick just one. But I was captivated once I read up about the Samsara Range. Samsara is a sanskrit word that means “wandering” or “world, with the connotation of cyclic, circuitous change. We took inspiration from this and have incorporated it with our love for travel and the wandering world. Each quote is individually chosen and designed with special fonts to celebrate your journey and add a pretty […]
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