Danielle Erasmus is no stranger to the Cape Town social scene.Better know as Goldie to many this vibrant mom of 1 is a go getter with a passiona  and a heart of gold.Like many of the people I have come to know over the last few years, I met her on Twitter.Danielle is always at amazing events working with some great brand.She is an event style reporter.So unlike all the features she writes this is about her……

1)What is your core business?
Promoting local businesses and entrepreneurs via my Twitter & Facebook Blog&Media Page.
•I do Events Branding Management Evenings for clients who want Media evenings to showcase their Company.
•Business Branding shoots
•Intimate Small Scale Fashion Showcases to promote Designers
•On Set Styling for Music Videos
•Features Writer
•And i will also be doing Business Promo Days for companies & Products in 2015
2)The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique part?
I showcase businesses & Cape Town entrepreneurs in a special way by doing features about them for the public to read & also do private Media evenings where I invite the media to learn about my clients business on am intimate level.
3)Why start your own business?
I decided to start promoting local business & entrepreneurs because they sometimes don’t have the time to promote themselves. I’m here to assist them.
4)What are the difficulties of running your own business?
Sometimes its tough not having my own professional camera but I do have great photographers who take pics for me to capture events & shoot the business Branding.
5)In 5 years time where do you see your business?
Right now I’m a STYLE SPOTTER/STYLE REPORTER at stylish events for a local newspaper monthly but i see myself being very busy in 5 years time doing bigger events for big businesses and having my own Canon Camera for my photographers to use as its expensive for my photographers to hire big lenses so my wish is for my own photography equipment for my company Goldie Media.

Dancer-Owner of Goldiestyling Entertainment FacebookBlogPage
Twitter: @Goldiestyling



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