I first met Dr Anjana Bhana via Twitter and my blog.Over the last year I have gotten to know her a little better and understand the work that she does.There are lots of misconceptions about the work that Dr Anjana does, she is a non surgical aesthetic practioner.Dr Bhana is based in Gauteng.Besides her 9 to 5 job Anjana is a mom and a blogger.

dr anjana bhana

1)What is your core business?

My Core business centres around facial and peri-oral aesthetics
2)The key is having a unique product or service what is your unique part?

I built the practice up one patient at a time and am constantly expanding with treatments and product offerings. I offer a boutique, personalized service combining two disciplines.
3)Why start your own business?

 For me it was a way to follow what I love doing – getting people to look and feel great. You work harder and smarter in your own business because it is yours

4)What are the difficulties of running your own business?

Time management is always an issue , between my personal family life and constantly updating and educating myself as well as running a business. Trying to also navigate our ever changing landscape of rules,laws and taxes. Also constantly trying to stay relevant and up to date with the latest developments in aesthetics and dentistry. I am also highly competitive and I cannot help constantly going for this course and that one – I just can’t say no or give myself a break

 5)In 5 years time where do you see your business?

Booming! I would like to have more than one branch -perhaps one out of the province. To be the most unique prcatice in the area with more service offerings than any other and also to provide more people with employment in the practice 
The lovely Dr Bhana has given  the lovely readers of Spice Goddess,  a  chemical peel (Dermaceutic Milk Peel) worth R500.
Th winner must be JHB based and the prize can not be converted into cash.

So this is how you win …………………

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3)Giveaway closes on the 10th  June  2015.

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