Find your chi at Brahman Hills

The name Brahman Hills to every Hindu evokes images of a spiritual retreat and home to the sacred Brahman cows which are worshipped.Brahman Hills proved to be a retreat one that would help me find my chi and so much more. Situated on the famous Nottingham Road which is home to the Midlands Meander.When I told friends I was off…

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A box of treats so Don't Disturb me

We all love receiving gifts but finding the perfect gift can be difficult. I personally love giving and getting gifts.It takes me sometime to put a gift together.My idea of gifting is generally a  gift box of goodies with a main gift. I love a good bargain so that means I have a cupboard filled with bits and pieces to…

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Girls on a Road Trip

With our crazy busy lives , it is sometimes rather difficult to catch up with your friends. And even after loads of planning sometimes it does not pan out. So after almost 6 months of not seeing the Girls , I suggested a lastminute.com road trip on a midweek holiday. To my surprise everyone was available and keen for a…

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South Africa a land of contrasts…..

Since my return to SA in 2010, I have started to view my home country in a different light . They say we often don’t realise the worth of something until its gone.   This statement proved true as during my time in the UK I clung onto everything that was South African from mementos to food items even things…

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#LocalisLekker with @shimmer_sa #WIN

Every women loves a little bit of sparkle and shimmer in her life.Having the right accessories can make an outfit look amazing.I love accessories especially bangles and statement neckpieces.I often combine western jewellery pieces when wearing traditional Indian clothing and its a stunning mix of east meets west. I first noticed the Shimmer brand on Twitter and loved their eye…

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#OOTD with @Captive8SA

I am by no means a Fashion Blogger , but I have my own style of dressing.I dress so that I feel comfortable in what I am wearing and look good at the same time. Like most women,I love shopping but I dont buy designer labels.And I rarely ever pay full price on an item.As a plus size girl ,its…

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Change In My Life

As I write this post I am listening to my favourite SA band singing these lines. At the start of 2014 , I promised myself to be open to every opportunity that came my way in whatever form and never say NO.So as we approached the 2nd half of 2014, I had to stop and reflect.I do several things including…

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