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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

The world is made up of all sorts of people. In our journey of life we meet some really amazing people who inspire us, care for us and most of all appreciate us.

And then we meet some monsters, people who are fake , self-absorbed, and just want to hurt us. These people use us emotionally, drain us and then toss us to the curb like a user can after fulfilling their needs at that point in time. It’s awful that these people have no heart and think nothing of hurting others. I have had my experience with many of these monsters who started off as Ordinary normal people but then mutate once we let our guard down and let them into our inner circle.

They then show their true self once we let them in and this is very scary. I am so glad to have gotten rid of several of these monsters in my life. They drained me emotionally drained and sucked away all my positive energy. One monster I met in London really was one of the notes she always put me down, passed negative comments, and used me luckily I escaped from her clutches and kinda disappeared into almost thin air where she could not get hold of me. She has befriended me on Facebook and tried to fish me for information on my life. But I have become wiser and I ain’t afraid of this monster no more, I offer very little information and often give her the silent treatment. Monsters however don’t come in the female form only but male as well. The male cones are very damaged, looking to hurt and use others then turn their backs and walk away without turning back on the damage and destruction they have left behind. I had the pleasure of meeting one male monster last year and boy was he a work of art-damaged and fake to the core. I was saved from his clutches and refuse to let him emotionally drain me again.

I firmly believe that we meet these monsters on our life journey to teach us lessons. Sometimes we feel so betrayed and hurt by these monsters that we can’t see the true reason they are set on our journey. Life has taught me to be positive, be happy, and rid of these monsters from my life. I can’t fix all these monsters with their damaged pasts cause some people are not meant to be fixed ……So instead I thank them for their life lessons and appreciate the amazing friends I have all over the world, friends who love, care, inspire and support me. I AINT AFRAID OF NO MONSTER (sung in the Ghostbusters theme song lol)

So in the words of John Legend…..We are just Ordinary People……we don’t know which way to go …..

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