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Ode to Friday……

How I love thee Fridays? Let me count the ways :
*the promise of getting up late
*the chance to go out and not worry about work the next day
*time for me to catch up my series watching
*quality time spent with my family
*girls days out with friends
*reading time
*going to bed later
*takeaway friday= no cooking
*finish work earlier 6 rather than 7pm
Friday I am so in love with you, I await your arrival each week with bated breathe. You add to spring to my step, the cheeky smile on my face and make me turn up the music. I await your arrival like a lost love like a soldier returning to his love after months of seperation.
Bring out the bannners welcome Friday time to let go, relax, enjoy and the chance for a new week 🙂
Have an amazing weekends my darlings:-)
Hope you all salute this Friday and welcome him/her in grandeur

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