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April Loving…..

I simply adore and lov the month of April.Firstly as its my birthday month, I love birthdays and am very blessed to share mine with my super awesome cousin Whelan (@mynameiswhelan).Sharing this day with someone special makes it even more awesome. In our family we have alot of April Birthdays so this month tends to be busy and expensive.My gran also has a birthday in this fab month on the 2nd.
April also marks the change of season, cooler mornings, nippy evenings.I am not a summer person, after living in London for so long I love winter. Atleast when its colder one can dress up properly, do your hair and makeup without worrying about the heat damaging your hard work.
April in the UK is known as Black History Month.This sees the celebration of Black people who have contributed to society, its also a time to sample yummilicious food from Africa and the Carribbean.
April in South Africa means Public holidays or Bank holidays on the 27th which is known as Freedom day.
Interesting April facts :
*is one of 4 months that have 30 days.
*birthstone for April is a Diamond.
*April starts on the same day as July in all years.
*associated with Spring in the Northern hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern hemisphere.
*birth flower is the Daisy or Sweetpea
*World Autism Awareness day on 2nd of April.
*Buddha’s Birthday 8th
It seems many famous people share my birthday month :
1st : Susan Boyle
3rd : Eddie Murphy
4th : David Blaine
7th : Jackie Chan
17th : Victoria Beckham
20th : Hitler, Carmen Electra, Joey Lawerance, Luther Vandross are just a few celebrities who share their day with my rockstar cousin Whelan and me.
Welcome April, I have been waiting for you 🙂 19 days till my birthday
Have an amazing month ahead filled with tons of awesome things, dont forget to have a drink/cake for my birthday on the 20th

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