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I saw this post the other day on another bloggers so decided it was a great lil way of rounding up my life recently. This year has literally flown by , hard to believe its already September and so much has happened already.2014 I am ready for you all guns blazing …..
I guess success , doesnt come easy it does mean hard work and sacrifices along the way(lack of sleep).
I AM FINALLY ON…. The last few days of preparing for the Durban leg of National Cookie Swap.It has been lots of hard work which often meant I have neglected my own blogging but its all coming together rather nicely.
I’VE DISCOVERED THAT Le Creuset is owned by a South African.
I WISH I could blog/social media for a living and not do my current job.
AT THE MOMENT I am looking forward to my CosmoCoverGirl Workshop.
I BELIEVE that Dreams have the power to become a reality if we breathe life into them and pursue them like a kite in the wind.
I KNOW THAT with great sacrifice comes great rewards.
I AM NOT COMPLETE if I am not wearing a watch , I actually feel naked lol.
MY FRIENDS are the kind souls who nuture my dreams and who walk with me during the storms and the rainbows.
I’M REALLY ENJOYING my very busy life attending events and working with so many amazing people in so many different sectors of media.
LIFE IS BETTER knowing that my dreams are on the to becoming a reality.
Have an amzing month ahead my darlings.
Ciao for now

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