Over the course of the last 3 weeks , I have been feeling rather down. At times I feel so fustrated , annoyed and demotivated.A handful of friends have noticed this change in me and have stood by me.
I havent blogged as I havent felt motivated enough to do so. I am sorry ! Over the last few months since my involvement in The Magnifying Glass , my life has been such a rollercoaster of excitement.So many opportunities have come my way and I have met some pretty amazing people.And then this brings me back to my day job, the one that pays the bills.For the last few weeks there has been so much uncertainity at work in terms of strikes.A job I once loved seems like such a chore these days.I literally drag myself to work each day and wish the hours away.
I am sure this is not how its meant to be.So last week at my lowest I sent my POUT sisters an email telling them how I felt instantly I had 5 replies of love , understanding and advice. You ladies rock !
This morning my inspirational friend Sue Levy called and whispered words to the wind of where my career is heading.Sue , I love you my friend for always knowing the right thing to tell me.
As I got off the phone with Sue, I had an email from a popular 5FM DJ about her new programme , it was a Press release and boy did I feel honoured.
“Dear Universe , I am putting out there what I want , my nearest and dearest know what my heart desires and have been whispering it in the wind.I am waiting for the wind of change and for new direction.”
So heres hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel and the Universe hears my plea.
Have an amazing week:)

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7 thoughts on “BLEH……

  1. Sending Love ,Chin up and feel I know this sounds weird BUT Feel … feel it all the good the bad the ugly , that way when you get through this stage which you will and you will get through it with flying colours just by your support system you will have the backup no matter which direction you go!
    I too have had a nasty spout at work my 9-5 job which I am good at – my heart is very much else were and do as what was suggested to me … one step at a time reach for your dreams and passion and keep at it you will get there!
    Sending you positive vibes!!!

  2. My darling Friend
    I meant everything I said. You are destined for greatness and you just have to hang in there.
    I have so much Faith in you and you know how I feel about being empowered as a Women, it’s time you recognize what you have within you and Pursue it. (Pun intended)
    I have your back, I’m here for you, always
    Love Sue

  3. We may not have met yet, but from the very first phone call you felt like an old friend! You’re an amazing person, please remember that whenever you feel down. I hope you’re doing better today, and I hope that all the wonderful things you deserve come to you very soon. Xxx

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