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Love Actually…is my love story

In keeping with the theme of Love Month  I have decided to share how I met a boyfriend(now ex).
The story starts 8 years ago in London on a dull, gloomy October day. The weather matched my mood. After having a crappy day at work I decided to jump onto the Tube and go west into the City.I found myself at one of my favourite spots in London. Canary Wharf. I needed to think about my work situation while having a Vanilla Latte in Caffe Nero and doodling in my diary. I was in no mood for company. I love Canary Wharf as it has such a buzz of activity around it and not to mention fab spots to eat and shop at AND gorgeous suited and booted men for me to drool at :).
I ordered my vanilla caffeine hit, settled down at a table for two, put my head down and started pondering and doodling. I was totally oblivious to the fact that the coffee shop was super full with patrons also getting their caffeine fix. Suddenly I heard this very manly voice with a hint of a foreign accent ask if he could please share my table. Instantly without looking up, I responded “no, sorry!”. The voice spoke again, “Please, I need to have my lunch and rush to a meeting and the store is full”. At this point I looked and there infront of me, stood the most sauve looking booted and suited 6ft tall guy. I then responded “ok, BUT don’t talk to me”. He pulled out the chair sat down and said “Hi, I am Mr Y ( name withheld) thank you for letting me share your table”. My reply, head still down “I said don’t talk to me”. He chuckled and said “Don’t you ever smile or tell people your name”. At this point I looked up with a smirk and ” I do. Don’t you stop talking?” Mr Y replied, “Wow, you have such a lovely smile. When you smiled, I blushed”. I got all flustered by this strangers words. My diary was now 2 full A5 pages of doodles.
Mr Y got ready to leave. I was rather glad he was going. Before he got up he said “Please do me a favour?” To which I replied “Now what ?” “And maybe “.He said, “Tomorrow, meet me here. Same time, same place, same table please, as I would love to get to know you. In my now coy moment I replied “You wish. Bye! “.
On my journey home, I kept thinking about this booted and suited stranger who invaded my space and my quiet moment. Once I got home, I was rather busy as I had to meet friends for dinner.  The next morning , I kept thinking should I ? Shouldn’t I go ? I took forever to get ready for work , choosing the perfect outfit and getting my hair and make up perfect. I didn’t dare divulge to work friends about the tall dark stranger I met with a slight foreign accent or the fact I was contemplating meeting him after work. All day I was in two minds. After work, I made an excuse of meeting other friends and left. I got onto the Tube still oohing and ahhing. As I approached my stop for home I said to myself, “Live a little ! ” “Carpe diem”, and so I set off to Canary Wharf to meet Mr Y. The thought crossed my mind in case he wasn’t there 🙁 oh well I would go shopping and have dinner at my fav Japanese eatery, Wagamamas.
With a deep breath, I walked into Caffe Nero, and there he was sitting at my table looking at his watch with 2cups of coffee waiting for me. I instantly smiled and got all shy. As I walked up to him he got up pulled my seat and waited for me to sit down. This was the start of an amazing 18month relationship that ended sadly when Mr Y was diagnosed from cancer and kept me out of his world. I cried and threw tantrums as all I wanted was to be there for him. He explained to me on our final meeting that he would never want me to see him suffer or become his widow as I was so young. I couldn’t understand this. It broke my heart into a million pieces. He refused to see me or even speak to me after that final goodbye. To me, I felt my heart had stopped beating and I couldn’t breathe. I had the loving support of a  group of my friends in London who looked after me , bought me biltong, let me sleep over , took over my lessons when I broke into tears , cooked for me and basically helped me through my pain. During this difficult time I realised how much Mr Y loved and cherished me not to see him that way but remember him as the tall dark booted and suited stranger who took my breath away.Till this day I do wonder how he is.. Is he still alive and all the “what ifs”. Having experienced such a beautiful relationship where he taught me about love, life and enjoying Bollywood, this has made me rather picky in men and not willing to settle for second best.
So yes its all true …
Mr Y did exist …
It was Love Actually 🙂

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