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Love List…

In keeping with the spirit of love month, I decided to do a Love List. This list was inspired after reading my dear friend Sue Levy’s Blog (
So here is my Love List of 14 :

  1. I love lazy Sunday mornings in bed with a cup of tea while I catch up on reading/writing blogs.
  2. I love how my humble blog has grown and inspired a few friends to start their own blogs.
  3. I love reading, my bursting out of the seams bookshelf and my ever-growing to read list is testament to this.
  4. I love Technology. I am such a gadget geek reading up and owning so many electronic products.I love how technology allows me to be in contact with friends and family around the world.
  5. I love spending quality time with my family and friends who support my dreams.
  6. I love cooking hence my blog name  🙂 To me, cooking is an expression of Love.
  7. downloadI love the colour Pink, I own items in literally 50 shades of Pink.
  8. stock-footage-perfectly-seamless-loop-features-valentine-hearts-ascending-in-shades-from-red-to-very-light-pinkI love travelling both locally and internationally – Discovering my world.
  9. I love Vanilla am totally obessessed by the smell and taste and yes, I even wear a Vanilla perfume.
  10. I love London after living there for over a decade you must understand my love for all things British.
  11. 63950-640x360-london-icons2-640I love music – Food for the soul and brings back memories. Currently my fav song on repeat is “Waiting for Superman – Daughtry”.
  12. I love Social Media – It’s such a great tool.
  13. I love inspiring others to pursue their dreams.
  14. I love how my puppy Zara gets so happy when I get home from work and jumps all over me.

So what’s on your love list? Do share…
Ciao xxx.

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