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With all the tweets, blogs and TV coverage of the Oscars 2014 awards, it got me thinking of my Oscar Thank You speech. I know, I know – you thinking “Dreaming Big Hey”, but if I don’t put it out there then I will never know.
So who would I thank, in what order ,would I cry and be a total mess in my Valentino Gown??? Then I realised, hold on Ms Ramasami, you are not a famous celebrity (yet got called #Bloggerati) BUT that doesn’t stop you from penning a gratitude speech to those that make a difference in your life.

  1. To my family, my late dad and granddad who gave me opportunities and life experiences that very few have had. I am eternally grateful for my strong foundation.
  2. My darling cousins Karmani, Maheshree and Whelan Naidoo who love me unconditionally and believe in me – I thank you for fuelling my dream.
  3. My Inspirational friend Sue Levy, who read my blog, believed in my writing and offered me a guest blogger post on her blog. Sue you inspire, you motivate and love me unconditionally. You are more than my friend you are family.
  4. My crazy friend Kaveshan Chetty , who gets my silly jokes , puts up with my tantrums and brings me new projects. Thank you for making me the face/talk of TMG.
  5. To R, my new big sister who found me via my writings on Sue’s blog and is now my mentor. I appreciate your kindness, wisdom and belief in me.
  6. To my new brother and sister Tevin and Rochelle Naidu, its true what they say – Blood doesn’t always make you family. Your love and care knows no bounds or limits.
  7. To Jarryd Long, my personal Techie guy, a big thanks for putting up with my silly requests and above all your friendship.
  8. And last but not least my fans (blog readers and Twitter followers ) my successes with my blog and the opportunities it has offered me – I thank you 🙂

So that’s my Oscar Acceptance speech of gratitude 🙂
Ciao xxx
Ps who are you thankful for?

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