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This quick post is again inspired by Tasneem.I love these posts as they are fun sharing with your readers about yourself.
Yesterday… Mum and I did some retail therapy and had lunch in the mall.I treated mum to some clothes and makeup 
Sunday… I visited my uncle in hospital and got to see lots of my cousins.It was good to see family and to know my uncle is on the mend.
So far… Everyday has been jam packed with lots to do and I have been spending more time blogging.
I can’t stop watching… Serendipity I love this word and this movie is such a great Romcom.Lucky for me DsTV shows it atleast once a week. 
At the moment… I’m multitasking watching a movie , having some tea and working on this blog post.
I believe… Every person you meet has a story to tell…All we have to do is listen
I’m fascinated by… my Indian heritage and love listening to my 80year old Gran telling us stories from decades ago.
I feel… I need to focus more on my health both physical and mental.
I know…that good things do come to those who hard and peserve regardless against all odds.
It seems… Christmas/Summer is almost here.Boy has time gone by this year.So many adventures so many memories.
Having an amazing week .

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