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Month: August 2014

My greatest Lesson learnt this month

August officially known as Women’s Month taught me so much.It was a month I reflected on myself, who I am , my purpose and were I am going.During this month all over South Africa Women were celebrated for their...

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Cause I am Happy #TuesdayTruth

On Tuesday I chose “Happiness” not because I had a million rand in my bank account or lived in a mansion or because I was in love.BUT simply because I am grateful for everything I have in my life. I choose Happiness...

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My lil claim to fame

Those of you who follow me on Twitter , know I tweet a lot.I often respond to questions brands tweet as well as tweet pics of things in my world.A few weeks ago Marie Claire tweeted a question “Are you scared of being seen...

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Welcome Baby Chai

In the second week of July , I received my second gorgeous furry addition to my family.Last June I was gifted Zara by my cousin Karmani after falling in love with the puppies on the farm.I have never been a dog person , as a kid...

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My Mobile Office

To say I am in love with Social Media and technology is an understatement. My day job doesn’t afford me the luxury of WiFi or even a computer.At times I feel like a bag lady carrying around my handbag and my work bag with...

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