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9/11 Flashback

Today marks 13 years since the tragic event that shocked people all over the world.I still vividly recall where I was as things transpired.The year was 2001 and I was ten months living in London.This was my 1st time abroad living alone.I was working at an all girl’s school in London’s East End and living in a houseshare in Stratford. My housemates were 2 South Africans and 1 British girl.
Once of the housemates , a fellow Saffa I had met at my previous teaching post.I recall rushing home from work afraid and running up to my friends room , I could hear the TV was on full blast on BBC News.This girl had lived in the USA as an aupair and had several friends who lived there and was devastated. We both sat there on the couch trying to remain calm in a foreign land without our families.Phone lines to the USA were jammed.I recall phoning my mum and trying to remain calm on the phone so as to keep her calm.
Watching those images on TV were shocking one couldn’t help but just sit and stare as if in a catatonic state.That night my friend and I slept in the same room afraid to be alone the TV remained on all night stuck on the news channel.I barely slept my that night thinking of my life, leaving my family and all the what ifs.I prayed and struck deals with God to keep me safe so I could be reunited with my family again.
That morning we struggled getting ready for work as we were distracted by the TV, the latest numbers of lives lost were updated constantly.I kept thinking of all those who wouldn’t hear their loved ones again , or know what happened.
The city of New York was broken and world cried for the 2996 people whose innocent lives were lost.
This tragedy made me reflect on my own life, my ways and how I needed to make each day count as tomorow is not promised.
Strength, courage and love to all those who lost their loved ones.

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