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Oh my GOSH

I have a really bad habit when it comes to lipsticks and lip glosses, I tend to lose them and never complete using a single Tobin literally every handbag and coat of mine either of these two are found sometimes both.
In an AMAZING Birthday giveaway by the Fashionista blogger Brett Robson , I received a few GOSH goodies.Included was this really pretty pink lipgloss with a tone of purple in it.I hadn’t used it until a few weeks ago when rushing out of the house I realised I didn’t have any gloss in that handbag so I opened up my spares draw and found this lovely shade of pink.
Once getting into the car , I had to do a lil makeup while the brother drove. I had the lipgloss out and was planning with it then I realised it had a lil button on the top which I kept pressing without looking down at it.
And then in the darkness I noticed a light streaming out of the applier.This got so me excited like a lil kid discovering that Santa Claus exists.Now on the side of the tube there is a mirror which is so handy especially when one is not available.Imagine using your lipgloss at night in the dark , in a nightclub or even in the movies and not painting your face and ending up looking like a clown.
I love this shade of pink and it suits my skintone.The applier is very easier to use and a smooth even application happens.This lipgloss reminds me of candy and even has a faint smell of sweetness or maybe its just my mind playing games on me.
Would I buy this in different shades once this one is finished ? Most defo ! Gosh is stocked at Edgars.
Have you fallen in love with any lipglosses?

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