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How do you live life ?#TuesdayTruth

Before I went to London , I came across this quote from Buddha on Twitter.I saved it but didn’t pay much attention to it that was until last week Thursday.
I am now more convinced than ever that God does work in mysterious ways.He sends us the answers or messages that we need not what we want.It was only on Thursday that I totally read and understood the meaning behind those words.
I believe it Kismet , Karma and Serendipity.After Thursday I now know¬† I live my life according to the three things that’s matter according to the teachings of Buddha.Since Thursday I have learnt a lot about myself, my strenghts, those that support me and life in general.As one door/chapter closes its only in due course several will start and open.More than often certain things are closed but we don’t realise till we see it in black and white.
Good things must come to an end for even greater things to start happening.Parting thought.. Thank you Universe for showing and giving me what I need instead of what I want.
Have an amazing week.Lead your life according to this quote.
Be Inspired !

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