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A few  Saturdays, Mum and her 12 friends met for a Reunion as one of the ladies was in Durban on holiday from America.For this group of ladies their friendship has spanned 38 years.
Each lady was asked to bring something along and we all met at a central point.Yasantha and myself were the only “kids” there.As with all gatherings of women there was lots of laughter, too many conversations happening and lots of yummy food.
All the ladies are the original members of the Isipingo Women’s Circle.Now this is a sub group of the British Women’s Institute.When my mum joined I wasn’t born but several of the other ladies had children who would all accompany their mum’s to the monthly meeting and had their own kids meeting while the mums were busy.
So what did the ladies do at these meetings : shared recipes, learnt skills and crafts , did community work, compiled a recipe book and so many more things.Before lunch we all sat down and the ladies shared their favourite memory of their times together.It amazed me that these ladies all came from different backgrounds, different religions and different income sections BUT what bound them as a group was the area that they mums and they lived in the same area.The children all formed their own friendship groups.
Listening to these amazing ladies sharing their fondest memories and updating everyone on their children and grandkids made me realise how I would never share this bond.Yasantha and I were so amazed at all this group of women had achieved over time.This reminded me very much of the movie How to make an American quilt.
I felt very honoured to be in the company of these amazing ladies.
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