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Deserve more #TuesdayTruth

We live in a world of wants , needs and desires.Our human nature often cofuses our wants with what we need and deserve.According to Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs our needs are our basic requirements we need to survive while our wants are our desires.
Each of us deserves more than we think , yet we often sell ourselves short by limiting our dreams.As humans we are often our own worst enemies.
A typical example is our first love at that moment in time we were all truly blinded and could bare to live or face another day without that person in your life.But now as you look back you realise that you need to forget that and move on remembering what you deserve.
I am a Goddess , so I deserve the best life has to offer, I deserve a man who will adore me and treasure me.I believe that I am destined for greatness.
Have an amazing week
Be Inspired !

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