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Wedding Fever!

Last year my brother decided he was going to take the next big step in life and get married.This is such an exciting time and the surprise just got better. My brother doesn’t come across as a Romantic but he surprised us all by proposing to his gf after a helicopter ride up Inanda dam.The view was breathtaking and he had even arranged flowers , bubbly and a picnic basket.So totally romantic.So we knew a wedding needed to be planned.From bridal shows to looking at possible venues it was all systems go.After visiting a hindu priest it was suggested a date in March 2015. Already there was not much time for planning.Indian weddings are a week long event with aleast a year of plannings.Five hundred guests is the norm for a traditional Indian wedding.So mum and I were in panic mode trying to get stuff sorted.
Indian Weddings festivities go on for roughly 7 to 10 days with all the pre and post wedding functions.And when we say my Big Fat Indian Wedding we dont exaggerate.There are several Hindu rites and rituals that need to be done and each requiring lots to do.Mum had started making a guest list which ended up more than 500 people, crazy you make say but some weddings go up t0 1000 guests most of which the bridal couple dont know.My brother is not traditional in anyway but listened to what mum and gran had to say in terms of the wedding.
And then the lovely couple dropped another surprise in December no no she is not pregnant.They both have opted for a destination wedding wait for it … In Mauritius. Wedding Fever just went a million times higher!We are all flying to the island for 7 days of family celebrations.Mauritius is a very special place as my parents went there 38 years ago for their honeymoon.Everyone is so looking forward to this happy celebration but it is also sad as we will all miss my dad on this important part of my brother’s life..So its not long to go till we fly off on the 20th of March with lots to still do.Mum and I both are working with a diary so we note down everything so nothing is left out.Fortunately for us we had family friends in Mauritius whom my parents met on their honeymoon who have kept close bonds with our family over the years.There will 17 of us travelling to the island including my aunt and her family from London as well as my brother’s best friend.  I have already started researching what to see,eat and do on the island.Will keep you all updated as there will also be a reception when we get back.
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