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Be Thankful #TuesdayTruth

One the many lessons Life has taught is the one of been Thankful.Every so often I stop and thank the Universe for everything from the past , the present and for whats to come in the future.The more we say Thank You ,the more we open ourselves up for blessings and opportunities.If you asked me 3 years ago what I was Thankful for , I am pretty sure my list would be rather different to my list now.I guess as we do grow older our values and outlook of life changes.So today as part of my #TuesdayTruth I will share with you my list of things I am Thankful for .
1)My parents for giving me the freedom to live my dreams , the key to my future by paying for my studies and supporting me through all decisions in my life.I recall as a teenager not agreeing to my parents and constantly rebelling.But today I thank them for instilling in me morals, values and guiding me onto the right path.I now know that if I had gone against my parents wishes my life would be rather different and I would not have been happy.
2)My grandmother who at 80 still spoils my brother and I.I feel so blessed to have my gran my only surviving grandparent in my life.She has taught me to cook and boy I am so happy to have inherited her love of cooking.While living abroad my parents didnt visit me but gran did and that made me feel very special.Even now as an adult gran is a very vital part of of home and family.
3) Having a supportive network in your life is very under rated.My friends and extended family circle provide me with so much love and support that it makes every dream of mine not just a dream.I feel humbled at times with the support I get and sometimes it is the kindness of strangers who acknowledge my work that fills my heart with joy and fuels my dreams future into reality.
4) I am thankful that I have a job though at times I complain about the strange long hours of work.In our current climate in South Africa the job front is rather closed.So having a job that allowes me to educate others is very important.My timings which I often complain about gives me time to spend on my blogging and attend events.Having a stable job with a stable income means I can own my own car and look after my family.
5) Last but not least I am thankful to God for giving my life a purpose and using me as his instrument.Without my love for reading , books and writing this blog would have never been born.So hence my motto #Live2Inspire was developed and why I am using my blog and skills to make a difference to the life of others.

Have an amazing week ahead and make sure you always find something to be Thankful for 🙂

Be Inspired !

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