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Life Goes on #TuesdayTruth

Life Goes On…
I think the greatest lesson one can learn in life is that of Life goes on regardless.Yes its true people change but we also outgrow some people from our lives and we ourselves change.Why do we change ?? Experiences and circumstances change us.And more than often that change is good but scary at the same time.But Life goes on ….
Love hurts indeed but makes us see the reality of what things were.In the crazy world we live in many people use this word very casually and confuse love with lust.Anyone who has had the heartbroken will tell you that Love does hurt.It takes some time to heal but it does get better.
Friends leave for several reasons they get married , relocate , you both grow apart and death.Losing someone important from your life is never easy.Over time we get over the pain and Life does go on…
Things do go wrong but eventually things will become right.With a wrong how would we ever learn valuable life lessons.For every wrong there is a right.So keep the faith and look to every wrong as a lesson…This too reminds us that no matter how many wrongs happen …Life goes on
Chin up ! Keep postive for no matter what is going on in your life , no matter how wrong things seem , no matter how heartbroken you …In the end Life goes on regardless .
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