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Just be HAPPY #TuesdayTruth

anne frank
We are all too busy complaining and moaning to realise just how beautiful our world is.There is beauty all around us.The sight of a beautiful butterfly, the sound of a baby laughing, the smell of freshly baked bread all of these bring a smile and happy memories admist all the chaos and craziness of the world we live in.This quote from Anne Frank is so beautiful and so profound from such a young girl.Her world and her life was in such turmoil but through it all she found beauty in what was left and not destroyed.The remains of her word made her happy and grateful.
This is a very powerful lesson and we should all stop in our tracks , take a deep breath and look at the beauty that remains around us.Be grateful for all the small mercies in our life and treasure the happiness they bring us.Life is too short to be unhappy , grumpy and negative.So today take my #TuesdayTruth and just stop ,take a deep breathe and think of all the beauty around you and just be happy.
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