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Do what makes you feel ALIVE #TuesdayTruth

We all get so caught up in our day to life in the rat race that we often forget about the things that make us feel happy and alive.The past weekend was my brother’s South African Wedding reception , and one of the most amazing lessons I learnt was that of making time for your family and loved ones.We had family and friends who had travelled from all over SA to join us in this celebration.It was clearly evident the love that was in the room and that they all had made time for what was important to them.
So in thinking of that line of thought I decided that this would be a perfect #TuesdayTruth.Yesterday I woke up feeling a lil meh ( a feeeling I cant describe) but last night I made the time to do watch a few Ted Talks on Youtube.Last year I had started this ritual daily but this year it had fallen away.After watching a few videos, I did realise how blessed I actually was and that I did need to make time for all the things that make me feel alive.I needed to feed my body , mind and soul.Today , instead of putting off my blogging , I got up and decided to upload and schedule some posts for the week.I recalled the joy  my blogging brought to me and all the opportunities it has brought into my life and decided I needed to make time for this.Tonight I will make time for something else which I love in my life and that is my books and reading, my to read pile in growing and I am not reading at all but tonight I will start.
“Always find time for the things that make you feel alive ”
Have an amazing week ahead 🙂
Be Inspired !

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