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Today is…….

bday cake
My birthday and NO a lady never tells her age.Though I will say I am 30something.Since last Friday , I have been to the doctor twice, gone for blood tests and been booked off work.So today was spent home in Pjs resting in bed and getting high on the medication.
I personally love birthdays mine and everyone else’s.The reason is that I feel that it is thankful celebration to God in giving you the gift of life that he has bestowed upon you.BUT today was different in so many ways…..
My phone constantly beeped with messages on Facebook, Whatsapp,BBM , Twitter and Instagram from friends, strangers and family.It made me feel special BUT there was something missing.I dont know what it is but it doesnt feel like my birthday.When I told close friends a few weeks ago that this year I was going to cancel my birthday they laughed and knew I wouldnt do that.But to me today is another ordinary day , nothing specialĀ  and just a day in my life…..
Thank you to all the amazing people who took the time out to wish me on all the various Social Media platforms.Your well wishes mean alot and I am very grateful you remembered.
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