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Have no Expectations #TuesdayTruth

LIfe is our biggest teacher.We may not realise it at that point in time but later on we will have that ahhh moment.We often get disappointed by people and situations because we expect that much more from then,And when they dont deliver we get hurt.I personally have been on the recieving end of this several times and trust me it does hurt.But as I get older, I find that these lessons life throws my way give me direction and much needed advice.
I came across this quote some time ago and yesterday I was reminded of how powerful these words actually are.When we dont expect anything there is no way w can get can hurt.And if something awesome happens then its a lovely surprise.I have had my fair share of disappoints BUT I have also had some amazing surprises.Surprises which I am very grateful for.These came not in the form of presents as one would assume but experiences, friends, an unexpected call and a friends who live across the world who recalled something like my birthday.
So taking all these into account and thanking the universe for them, I feel rather blessed and grateful for all the surprises the Universe sends my way..There is an old Indian saying that with everything bitter comes something sweet……..
Have a fantastic week.
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