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Focus on Inspiration #TuesdayTruth

A friend reminded me last night of the importance of moving on , letting go and just carrying on.After that conversation I found this quote online.We often spend time focusing on people and things that are no actually important in our lives.These are our energy sappers and take away so much from us.
Using the power of positive energy and gratitude changes the way we see the world and the lessons the Universe teaches us.We get caught up in our emotions which often are not good for us.You know that saying “think with your head not your heart”.
I will  shortly be undertaking a 30 day course on #HeartMindMoney with @VangileMakwakwa.During this course I will be exploring my emotions , my finance  and me as a person.I will be drawing inspiration from those you inspire me like the super amazing Jodene Shaer.Today am feeling grateful for all those you inspire my world  and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
So today I choose to focus more  on those who inspire me less and less on those who annoy me.
Have an inspiring day !
Be Inspired!

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