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Hello May…..

hello may
It just dawned me that its the 9Th May and I have not even formally welcomed this month.Hard to believe that we are into the 5 month of 2015 and so much as happened already.
April was a rather busy and exciting month leading on from my brother’s wedding celebrations and lots of family gatherings throughout the month.It was also my birthday month but I am still to actually celebrate my birthday with my girls.
May has started off with a bang with the Foodie Bloggers Lunch on Saturday and the invite to celebrate Madame Zingara’s birthday on Tuesday.I feel there are not enough hours in my day and I need a PA lol.
Dearest May
Sorry for the belated welcome but nevertheless welcome.You have kicked off this month in such style that I cant wait for the rest of what you have planned for me.All I know is that it will be filled with amazing experiences and opportunites just like your sister months before you……
Be Inspired !

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