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I CAN #TuesdayTruth

i canAs each new day dawns , its an opportunity for each of us to say “I can and I will”. Believing in the power of you has amazing effects in our lives.Often people put us down and tell us we cant but I personally feel that we are our  worst enemies as we let ourselves believe this.
The strenght of the word will is the intention we send out to the Universe in making our thoughts, desires, wants and needs known.I have started a 30 day eCourse on #HeartMindMoney and alot of this course deals with our intentions and how they manifest in our lives .With the right frame of mind and support network there is nothing one can not do.I have found that kindness and support even comes from strangers who only know me as an online person/twitter handle/blog their words give me the strenght daily to say “I can and I will”.
Every challenge and obstacle sent our way is sent with a learning lesson but this is unclear at the time.I now try and embrace these challenges and work my way through them.Last night I took a big leap of faith and did something which I normally wouldnt do but I put myself out there and I believe that I can and I will be able to do that.I will let you know more about that in due course.
So never forget that each day that we open our eyes is a chance  to greet the world and tell the Universe YES “I CAN AND I WILL” there is nothing and no one stopping you.Have a fantastic week ahead filled with more “I can and I will ” moments.
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