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To Do List #TuesdayTruth

to do list
Life as we know it , is a continous rat race.We are constantly fighting for time to get things done.Everyone I know has a to do list be it on paper or electronic.As a blogger I have weekly to do lists which include lists of blog posts.It can be rather crazy for me as I need to schedule my work stuff and blogging work together.I often find I never have enough time to do everything.I also find it a sense of greatness once I do a task and am able to scratch it off my list.Planning is key to getting tasks done.
However, I came across this rather awesome To do list on one of the Social Media platforms.It has just 6 tasks but each one so powerful.For once I decided to follow someone else’s list rather than my own.
1) Count my blessings : We get so caught up about the things that are wrong that we actually forget how blessed we are.I often tweet randomly Thanking the Universe for all blessings past , present and future.So today STOP and count your blessings.
2) Pratice Kindness : such a simple gesture but such a big impact.Go on do something kind every day not just today.
3) Let go of what I cant control : most of us are control freaks but we need to learn to let go of things we cant change and things that are beyond us.By not letting go we add more stress to our lives.
4) Listen to my heart: I tend to listen to my heart most days but sometimes the head butts in.Listening with our hearts means we become more compassionate to othersSo like Roxette sings “Listen to your heart when its calling for you”
5)Be productive yet calm : productive doesnt mean we need to be stressed out.Productive is getting things done not everything in one hour.Rome was not built in a day.
6) Just breathe : stop take a minute be still and exhale .See the beauty around you and live in that moment.
I hope you too will do a few things of this To do list.Let me know….
Be Inspired!

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