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Teapigs #Review

Its no secret that I love a good cup of tea.I could blame it on my time in London where everything is sorted with a cup of tea good or bad, or my Indian roots of tea or my gran who insists on a 3pm cup of tea.Either way tea has always been apart of my life.The British during time in India probably learnt more about tea and the tea plantations.

I like the Japanese Tea ceremonies and hope one day to experience this.In many parts of the world Tea is very popular with High Teas becoming very trendy.The range of teas now available is literally limitless with something for all tastes.Tea has medicinal properties and health benefits.I once used flavoured Tea to smoke some chicken it gave the chicken a lovely taste , so as one can see it can be used in cooking as well.And then we use Tea bags for beauty purposes wet on our eyelids to awaken tired eyes.I love products that are so versatile.

Last year I came across the brand TeaPigs on Twitter and was rather impressed with the range of flavours they had on offer.I was lucky as I was sent samples of these which I kept some and shared some with other bloggers.During my visit to London ,last year I saw Teapigs in the local supermarkets.

Teapigs has a range of 24 flavours of different teas in their range.From classic teas to herbal infusions to adventurous blends this range has something for all tastes.Real tea meaning the whole leaf are put into these delicate yet very luxury looking bags almost like a lil gift.Teapigs are all about flavour and thats exactly what you get.The team like giving back to the people who bring them their lovely tea.They support the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda.A portion from each sale is donated to the orphanage which is home to 600  children.

Before I decided to tackle a pile of marking one Sunday , I decided I would make a cup of Teapigs brew.I chose the Superfruit one as I needed some superhero powers to get the marking done.I added my boiling water to my tea bag in and favourite mug and instantly an infusion started happening.The colour literally shades of pink before ending in a dark cerise colour.In the famous words of Madame Macaron “Taste with your nose first” the aromas that filled the air were all berry and fruity.I left my teabag in while I sipped on these yummy tea.I really enjoyed the brew of Teapigs and know it will make a very refreshing summer drink as an iced tea.I cant wait to try out more of the 23 flavours.

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Its true what they say “Tea in a mug is like a hug”

 teapigs review

What types of tea do you drink?

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