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Best Things in life are FREE #TuesdayTruth

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In the mid 90’s a movie came out called Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy.The soundtrack to this movie was amazing and one song in particular caught my attention.This was a track sung by the legends Janet Jackson and Luther Vandros.The song was called “The best things in life are free” As per usual mother dearest was like there is no such thing , you cant live on love.
At this stage I was a rebel and had fallen for a boy from the other side of town.The guy was the guy every girl’s parents warned them about.But as per always I was too blinded to see all the obvious signs and dramas.I couldnt understand my parents and their reasoning.
Now as I am much older and wiser…..I realise that there was some truth to the ramblings of my parents BUT also some lies…..
As one does get older one appreciates the simple things in life.Accordingly to Maslow our needs change as one need is fulfilled.Its the lil things that matter and take up the biggest spaces in our hearts.This image of The Best things in life is rather cute, childlike but with a very powerful message.Things are material , they can be lost or stolen BUT all of the above can make you happy.
So wearing designer clothing , buying expensive make up , and perfumes doesnt really make one happy it makes us feel good on  the outside but not inside.It is indeed the other lil things that make us happy.We need to become more aware of how blessed we are to have so much in our lives to be thankful for.
1)HUGS getting a Hug from my awesome cousin Whelan feels amazing we share a birthday and a special bond.When my cousin hugs me I feel his genuine honest love and care.
2) SLEEP I love nothing more than getting up late on Sunday mornings.With my crazy times I love a few extra hours in bed.Sleep is good for your health lots of medical articles to prove it.
3)LOVE… it comes in so many forms not just romantic.I was fortunate to experience it once upon a time so I can tell you that its amazing.My fur babies Chai and Zara love  me like crazy.
4)FRIENDS… through my journey of life , I have been blessed to encounter some awesome people who I can call my friends.Over time some of these friends have left my life and I thank them for the lessons they brought with them.
5) GOOD MEMORIES …. something that can never be taken away from us.Made with our FAMILY and FRIENDS.These bring big SMILES to our faces as we recall the crazy antics, the jokes , dancing all night and some stories which can never be repeated again.Priceless jewels.
So Mother Dearest , as much as I love you I have to disagree with you on this one for now…..I hope my reasoning has given you a glimpse into my soul and what makes me happy….
Be Inspired !

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