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The Coffee Theatre #Review

Last week, as I was off work Mum and I got to spend some time together running errands. My Gran’s wheelchair had a puncture so we had to take it to be fixed in the Doonside area just outside Toti.
We rarely go out that way as we just go to Galleria. Mum wanted to pop into a lil shopping centre in Doonside.So after some shopping we both were a lil peckish and decided to go and try out The Coffee Theatre.
Its a very bright and open area coffee shop in shades of blue and white which reminded me of Greece. There was free WiFi and getting the password was a breeze. The set up included a display unit at the entrance of the cakes that were available and there were jugs of cold water with lemon. Sounds like another coffee shop I know. Can you guess??
The friendly waitress who took supplied me with the WiFi password took our order of 2 Cappuccinos with froth and 1 portion ( 2 scones ) which came with either cheese or jam and cream. We threw caution to the wind and opted for the jam and cream. Our scones arrived beautifully presented on a white platter with ample fresh cream and jam, without us asking for another side plate this was brought with our order. The coffee art was utterly beautiful a perfect heart and those who know me know I love hearts. We devoured our coffee and scones and asked for our bill. The bill arrived in the cutest lil blue leather box. Our bill came to R65.On going to pay the bill I realised the guy behind the counter used to work at Woolworths Cafe and was well known for the coffee art. Then my phone rang and I took the call while Mum sorted the bill. The can greeted mum and said he knows us from Woolworths cafe. No wonder things were rather similar.
Will I go back yes and am keen to try out their savoury options.
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