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Hello June

june3Omgosh….. we are offically entering the second half of 2015.Time is literally flying by with so much happening every day there is something new that I am adding to my diary.Durban is finally heading into cooler weather yipee.
So far 2015 has been filled with many memorable times, valuable lessons and experiences.I am very grateful to the Universe for sending me all sorts to deal with and lots of amazing moments.
Dearest June I have great expectations of  you and all that you bring.Your siblings prior to you have been rather fantastic.I have faith that you too will be nothing short of awesome too.Lets end the 1st half 2015 with a bang and all sorts of wonderful.This month I want to do the following :
1)Let GO
2) Be kind more
3) Smile more
4)Take care of me
5)Be positive
This to do list is short , sweet but so relevant to all our lives.
Be Inspired!

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