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Find your Passion #TuesdayTruth

Tuesday Truth

Within each of us there are hidden treasures waiting to be shared with the world. But it takes time,passion and a few life lessons to bring out these treasures.We are all gifted in different ways some obvious and not so obvious.

The key is to find out what is your passion what drives the light in your eyes.And once you find your gift start sharing it.Sharing our gift is the moment when miracles start happening. We do get caught up in our crazy world but it is important to take time out to reflect and restart.Sometimes all we need is to be still and left our inner treasures shine.

Over the last week ,I have been under the weather with a nasty chest infection.So hence my silence on the blog.I realised that it was my body saying chill and because I dont really stop the only way was a full blown sick time.I needed to align my soul with the universe and bring out what was within me to tackle what lies in front of me.I have learnt that most things in life I can handle even when at times I feel like I cant.I see miracles in my life and know now that I too am a miracle. So today , I urge you to look within yourself,find yourself and let the miracles start happening.

Be Inspired !



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