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Month: July 2015

Keep Life Simple #TuesdayTruth

Three words only but such a powerful thought provoking message.Life is simple yet we make things complicated by doing too much ,overthinking and expecting too much. Life lessons pop up every now and then to remind us of what we...

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Sunday Brunch #Recipe

Sundays is the only day in most homes when the whole family are in.As far back as I can recall my mum and gran made amazing brunch dishes.Brunch was always a combination of English breakfast with Indian touches.I can vividy...

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Me in 21 Questions

Last week the darling sister duo the Gengen Girls ( nominated me to complete this challenge. Firstly thank you Kamini and Sasha. I was fortunate to meet these sisters last year and now...

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Imperfections Inspiration #TuesdayTruth

None of us are perfect or lead perfect lives.But we are all aiming to lead lives that are perfect or near to it as possible. Time and life lessons teach us that there is no perfect solution.The way we deal with our own imperfect...

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Lets Taste Durban 2015

Its that time of year when all Durban foodies look forward to all year.Taste of Durban is almost here with just under a week to go.The event is scheduled for the 24 to 26 July 2015.In other words that where I will be next...

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