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sick #SelfieFor the last almost 4 weeks I have been sick.I have been to the doctor twice and yes I did get a jab and have been taking my meds.It is that time of year when the temperature does drop and its cold/flu season.
So I started off with an awful cough and all the cold and flu symtoms.On my visit to the Doc it was discovered that I had a chest infection.But on top of the chest infection , I had my seasonal allergy affecting my system.Go back 3 years , I had what I thought was a constant cold after several visits to the doc and eventually a blood test.It was discovered that I am allergic to my environment (is this a sign that I need to move to London).What this basically means is that my allergy levels should be below 100 BUT wait for it mine is 500.I joked with the Doc and asked if I should live in a bubble just like the movie.He laughed and said possibly.I was put onto a 6 month repeat course of medication.
Last year I was lucky the allergy didnt surface.But this year it has reared it ugly head.So besides what feels like I am coughing up my lungs, I have watery eyes, a sore throat, a blocked nose making it difficult to breathe.I honestly thought a few timesĀ I was going to die so I didnt sleep all night.This week I started the allergy meds a new pescription so hopefully things get better.
I have been bed bound and its a tad bit annoying especially as its my Winter break from work.Several friends have told me that it is my body telling me to take it easy and that she needs to rest.My day pretty much looks like this :
1) Get up shower
2)Put on a clean pair of pjs
3)Take meds
4)Brunch and then bed again
Pretty much feels like groundhog day.
I have decided to use the time to effectively focus on my blog and my social media platforms.The joys of home WiFi making life so much easier.Hopefully I get/feel better soon.But this time has been very productive for me and SpiceGoddess has a few exciting things coming up soon.
never give up
Thank you CM for reminding me of this and no matter what I need the show to GO ON.A week off the radar and your pep talk really got me motivated to do more ok so I didnt actually dress up but I did put on clean pjs and showed up on all my Social Media platforms…..
Be Inspired !

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