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Namaste July

FB_IMG_1436004398960Oh hello there …. when did you suddenly arrive… 7/2015
It is so surprising that we are literally 5 months away from 2015 and soon to be entering 2016.I am still getting used to writing 2015.
This year has been ever so busy filled with all sorts of awesome times from Travel ,weddings,opportunities and so much.Most of last month I was/am sick but I didnt let that stop me from blogging.I kept myself busy and am very happy with the results.
June you really kept me on my toes.Weekend after weekend with functions and family gatherings.I learnt how awesome my family is and that we do indeed party up a storm.
Welcome July, you have rather big shoes to fill as the first half of 2015 was rather amazing.Over the weekend I let the Universe know some of intentions ,so I now await the magic to unfold….
Every day is indeed an opportunity to do something different and something kind.Dont waste time or opportunities.I wish I did have more hours in my day as there is just so much to do,explore,read and eat.
So Ms July…..2 words SURPRISE ME !
Be Inspired!

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