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Let the Universe know your intentions #TuesdayTruth

FB_IMG_1436817124089Over the last few weeks,I have had a chance to look at my life.This meant thinking about what I want,need and what I need to do.This process has been rather scary at times as I have started telling the Universe my intentions.
Once we start making our intentions known the Universe starts the wheels turning.Some days I am still surprised but then again I need to remind myself that I do deserve the blessings I am recieving and those still to come.
I have realised I am very comfortable in my own company and like my me time.Every so often we do need to be still and just listen.There are days when I feel so loved up thats it feels like lava flowing from a volcano.Doing things that make me happy is good for my soul.I have started reading again something I often dont find time for,now I try and cook for my loved ones on a regular basis and watch feel good movies.Surrounding myself with positive souls who believe in me and share my dreams is all part of leading a life that will make my soul dance..Going to bed with a smile on my face and waking up with a prayer does fill my soul.
Talking to loved ones ,I have realised how much my life and I have changed since coming home in 2010.We have numerous family celebrations and gathering this year all filled with fun, laughter and you can defo feel the love.Change is good they and is often needed for better things to begin.I have no regrets about the past just a collage of  lessons and blessings.I feel in the second part of 2015 there are even more exciting adventures awaiting.And I just can not wait.
Each day I see the love my two furkids have for me when they see me and it fills my heart with so much love.Their love is unconditional no strings no conditions just pure love.
My soul is starting to dance in my body.Its not the Salsa moves  at the moment but rather a slow romantic ballad.I am starting to feel emotions I havent in a long time.I really wish to live a life that makes my soul want to dance in my body.And to do this I need to feed my soul with kindness,love,care,serenity,bliss and a million other feelings of positive.
So Universe I am yet again letting you know my intentions of how I want to live my life.I am working each day to fill my soul with love, light and peace.I know that once I fall in love with me and my world there is nothing I can not do.
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