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Imperfections Inspiration #TuesdayTruth

FB_IMG_1437296737334None of us are perfect or lead perfect lives.But we are all aiming to lead lives that are perfect or near to it as possible.
Time and life lessons teach us that there is no perfect solution.The way we deal with our own imperfect situations inspires others to believe that its ok and they too can succeed.Earlier this year I shared a very personal blog post where I shared my story of accepting who I was and realising I was beautiful regardless of my imperfections.
That post was literally me bearing my soul to the world.It took courage to share it.I got feedback from friends who said they admired my courage.BUT the one response that struck a chord was ” Boom and now thats how you inspire people”.So today’s quote ties in perfectly to that response ,which I know will stay with me forever.
By no means am I perfect ,neither is my life.There are days when I feel depressed,days when I feel so in love and days when I get into the me against the world mode.I am on a journey of learning to deal with my imperfections on a daily basis.My motto I coined with my blog was #Live2Inspire which I had inked onto my arm last year as a constant reminder.I wish to lead and live a life where my own journey inspires others.I am learning to work with and embrace my imperfections and hopefully I will  inspire just 1 person to do this and then my mission has been successful.
Today,I ask you to embrace your imperfections ,love yourself and in turn inspire someone else to do the same.
Be Inspired !

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