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Ola August …

LkDuek0XNBUQ_xavuCmwZS1bNY9tgn-LSNUx8CWc58IYmc6NA3OxVo5Jw7CIaS8sWLrjvgj6mxipOS-MjeP_9s3qSlyV08Ztqt_t1LzB2fflpA=w463-h318-nc2015 has been a year filled with so much of everything.From good to not too good to amazing its all been there.
We now head into the 8th month of 2015 and literally Christmas is almost here.For me the month has started off busy with a bridal shower weekend away,a new semester at college and me still trying to get better.My first weekend of August was spent discovering the beautiful southcoast in great company.
Dear August….
31 days to be legendary and inspirational.Bring it on.Your sisters before you have kept me on my toes and burning the midnight oil several times.My main focus this month is ME cause I matter.I look forward to all the opportunities that await me this month and the adventures.I have decided that I need to live each day grateful and count my blessings on a regular basis.So yet again welcome August, I look foward to having you around.
Be Inspired !

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