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Life Lately….

The last 3 weeks , have been so crazy busy with so much going on. I have not had much time to focus on my blog and that makes me sad. Last year some time I did this really fun little post that kinda summed up my days.So today I will be doing just that..
At the moment ….. I am at work and waiting to get home.This week has flown by so quickly but nonetheless I am very grateful that it is Friday. I love Fridays as it is the only day in the week I get to finish work at 6:45pm instead of 19:50pm.
Yesterday… we celebrated Women’s Day at work. It was such a special event with a formal sit down lunch. We were all asked to dress up for the function. It is always a great  feeling when one is appreciated on special days.
I am looking forward …. to the weekend as I am going for a Pedicure at Sorbet. The weekend to me means I get a little bit more time to laze in bed and read.
These days… I find that there are not enough hours in my day . My TO DO LIST seems to be constantly growing. And with  Gran still in hospital and me getting over my kidney infection, things seem to be piling up.
 I believe…. that everything will work out in the end and its not in your timing but in God’s timing.Over the last few weeks , as a family we have been through so much but all we did was kept the faith and believed that miracles do happen with the power of prayer.
I’m convinced ….. that everything will fall into place when you least expect it.
I know ….. I need to focus on my health and take care of myself.I have started this journey this last year but I need to do more.
Have an amazing weekend , spending time with your loved ones , doing things that make your soul happy.
Be Inspired !

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