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Arabian Nights …

This year has been ever so busy with weddings and all the events before and during.A few weeks ago my cousin, Maheshree had a Kitchen Tea which included all the womenfolk in the family both young and old.This was such a lovely way to celebrate the start of her new journey with so many with loved ones.
And then a special girls weekend away was arranged.The bride to be loves Dubai and wanted a themed Bridal Shower ,well a weekend away.Her bestie Komla arranged the weekend and festivities.A weekend away down the beautiful South Coast was exactly what the bride needed. A perfect way to relax and unwind before the wedding.
We stayed at a holiday flat owned by a family member literally 5minutes away from Wildcoast.The view we woke up to was breathtaking. And before the Bridal Shower that afternoon we headed off to explore the local area which turned out to be rather fun. It was kind of difficult to leave our exploring but we had a Bridal shower to get started.
Komla had arranged everything from food to activities.Decor included candles , saries and a hookah.The dress code was to come in dressed in the theme. All the ladies dressed according to the theme which was great. I decided to try my hand at looking like an Arab Girl. To complete my look I choose a scarf , eye liner used very dark,dark lips and a jewelled headband. Clothing wise jeans,a short black dress and a cardigan. The scarf provided the pop of colour.
All the ladies had lots of fun and giggles.The usual cheeky Bridal Shower games were played and all in good fun. The Bride to be had an amazing weekend/night filled with loads of fun and memories. Themed events are always so fun and the dressing up just makes it even more special.
Do you like themed events? What was the last themed party you attended?
Be Inspired !

Tea with a view

Tea with a view

the bride to be
Arab Girl LookBridal Shower
Girls just wana have FUN

Girls just wana have FUN


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