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Culinary Lessons with the Greatest Chef

My 81 year old Grandmother is amazing and not only do I think that but so does everyone in my big fat Indian family. Gran is the oldest member of our family, who loves to travel , cook and eat good food. Ever since I can recall I always have remember my Gran in the kitchen cooking. It was her…

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Durban welcomes FlySafair

Today, is a very special day in Durban at King Shaka International Airport. South Africa’s newest low cost airline, FlySafair makes their inaugural flight into Durban. I recall my first flight as a kid and the pure magic realising that I was flying like a bird. As I grew older my gypsy blood surfaced and my love of travel was…

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Introducing my Life Lately

Say what??? it is almost time for Christmas and 2015 to change to 2016. NO way I have just gotten used to writing those numbers. Time really does fly by, I find these days I need more hours in my day and a day between Satuday and Sunday. Life lately has been filled with all sorts of bitter sweet moments.…

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A Red-E Powerbank POWERS me

As a person who is addicted to Social Media, one of my biggest problems with mobile phones is that they dont hold battery life for more than roughly 6 hours in my case. Recently here in South Africa we have been having power cuts and for me it was like my worst nightmare ever. You would be amazed just how…

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Twitter an important tool for every Blogger

In 2010, I was bitten by the Twitter bug. And ever since then I have been totally addicted. I have become totally besotted with that lil blue Bird. Little did I know where my addiction of Twitter would lead me.   At this point I knew nothing much about Twitter except for the following : I had another social network…

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The Truth about change #TuesdayTruth

Personally change is something, I dont really like. I am a creature of habit and like knowing where I am going and what I am doing. Basically I like to be in charge of my own life and the decisions I make. Being or trying to be organised is something I love but alas sometimes the Universe just takes over.…

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Cottage Pie ? Sheperd's Pie ? But still a Pie

As a keen foodie,I love finding about ingredients and the origins of meals. I spend time with my trusty old faithful Google and a collection of cook books reading up on recipes. Food History is rather fascinating once you realise where the dishes we love originated from and why they were made. YES History is not only about wars and…

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